Hope’s Story



Sometimes, a brief moment in time can be a life altering event – thus it was that spring evening in 1986.  The sun was setting and Bonnie & Hope had already been thrown out of a car onto the side of the road.

Bonnie survived the fall without major injury, but Hope on the other hand, landed on her head breaking many bones in her face.  Just then, Steve was driving past them in his old, noisy truck.  Surprisingly, he heard their meows and stopped to rescue them.

Was this just luck or divine intervention?

At that moment, I believed God changed the direction of our lives.  Arriving home, Steve presented me with two handfuls of black fur.  I was shocked to realize that someone had thrown away two kittens that hadn’t even opened their eyes yet.

Thus, Bonnie & Hope arrived to change our lives forever.  Bonnie grew and thrived but Hope struggled with her injuries just to survive.

As we fed her drop y drop with an eye dropper, we hoped and prayed that she would live and indeed she did live but suffering from brain damage and a seizure disorder.  She lived a gentle protected life until she died peacefully surrounded by those who loved her.

She lived to be 14 years old.  Bonnie lived to be 17 years old.  After Bonnie & Hope, came Buck then… They just kept coming, looking for someone to love them.

Little did we know that saving cats would become a lifetime passion and it all began because God sent us a “Little Hope”.

Since 1986, we have helped several hundred cats find their forever home, either with us or new adoptive families.  Presently, we have approximately 100 cats that we care for and have their forever home with us.


Judy Welter